How to Identify a Real vs Fake Hitachi Magic Wand


Identifying the real Hitachi Magic Wand versus replica Magic Wands could be very difficult due to similar imitations available from unethical manufacturers.  There has been a huge increase in replica Hitachi Magic Wand Massagers sold on price sensitive sites which are tricking consumers all over the world.  Although fake Magic Wand’s look similar to the real thing, there are many differences.  The visual representation below will show you a side by side comparison of the authentic Magic Wand Original HV260, formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R, which is the device we are an authorized retailer for.  For illustration purposes, we purchased a replica Magic Wand from a very popular price sensitive site to show you the difference.  The intent is for to educate consumers on how to stop from getting tricked!  Let’s get started:
Notice the real Magic Wand Original is slightly shorter than the fake magic wand.  Also, notice the head cover on the real Magic Wand Original fits correctly and snug versus the fake massager which looks like the head cover is small.  You will also notice the difference in the plug section at the base of these massagers.Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand
When disassembling the head cover from both wands, you will notice the real Hitachi Magic Wand has a hard plastic head with black electrical tape covered for safety.  Keep in mind that real Magic Wand Massagers were also made with a metal head piece. The wand massager on the bottom has a cheap plastic cover which is flimsy and not heavy duty by any means.Hitachi Magic Wand
When you open up both massagers, you will notice a huge difference.  In case it doesn’t grab your attention right away, it’s the gigantic motor in the body of the real magic wand versus the smaller motor in the head of the fake magic wand.  So again, the authentic Magic Wand Original has a big motor in the body of the massager.  The fake magic wand massager has the motor in the plastic head.  This difference is what makes this authentic massager iconic.  You feel the power with the real Hitachi Magic Wand while the replica barely buzzes.Hitachi Magic Wand
Notice the texture of the different massager head covers.  The real Magic Wand head cover is round, heavy duty and  very durable.  The fake wand cover head is paper thin and could be torn with almost no effort.Hitachi Magic Wand
Here is another looks inside both massager head covers.  The real Magic Wand head has a cloth type material inside which make it much stronger and ready for years of abuse while the fake massager head is paper thin as mentioned above.Hitachi Magic Wand
As of August 2019, the Magic Wand Wand Original box has been updated to a sleek, modern design.  The unit itself was not updated so you may or may not receive a Magic Wand with the new box for a short period of time.  The 2019 box is shown directly below in addition to the previous box under.
Hitachi Magic Wand
You can see the color difference of the box between the real Magic Wand Original versus the fake one.  Can you see how most people won’t be able to tell the difference?Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand
Notice the difference between the real Magic Wand Original seal versus the fake version.Hitachi Magic Wand
The real Magic Wand has unique serial numbers listed on every single Magic Wand as seen below to the right.  The left, fake massager has a sticker instead of the actual serial number.Hitachi Magic Wand
The images above are for illustration purposes.  We do not recommend you disassemble your Hitachi Magic Wand by any means.  In fact, doing so will eliminate your 1 year warranty if you do have an authentic Magic Wand.  As the most reputable source for the Magic Wand Original and Magic Wand Rechargeable, you owe it to yourself to purchase the real deal and avoid electrical malfunctions which could harm your body.  Examples such as electrical fires, massager explosions and other unthinkable results could happen with low quality, replica devices.  We hope this guide has been helpful.  Contact us for assistance on authentic Magic Wand Massagers and we will be more than happy to help.