ID Juicy Lube Tubes 5 Pack


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Not sure which ID lube is right for you? Just pick up this 5-pack sampler and find out which is best for you.  See specific sample variety below.


Sampler Includes:

  • ID Silk. A blend of silicone and water. 0.42fl.oz. tube.
  • ID Glide Water Based lubricant. 0.42fl.oz. tube.
  • ID Millennium Silicone Based lubricant. 0.42fl.oz. tube.
  • ID Pleasure Lube. Heightens sensations. 0.42fl.oz. tube.
  • ID Juicy Lube. Edible lubricating gel. 0.42fl.oz. tube.

Note: Lubes and Flavors May Vary