Are you ready to crack the Bull whip?

Are you ready to crack the Bull Whip?

Bull Whip

Bringing a Bull Whip into your sex time in the bedroom may sound a little extreme but as you start to explore the joys of bondage, discipline, punishment, and control, you will start to realize that you and your partner can push each other to new limits one could only dream of. While you both endure new levels of pain which can result in an experience which is not familiar to you, it could also open up your mind to something you needed.  This something could be the change you need.  The Bull Whip is the ideal way to tease and torture your partner during sex for a number of reasons. In this article, we give you some suggestions on how to prepare your partner for a taste of your Bull Whip.

Restraint is key

If you are taking charge and looking to step up the level of punishment and discipline that you wish to inflict on your partner, then your first step is to ensure that they are properly restrained. There are lots of ways in which you can ensure appropriate restraint: You could use handcuffs and ankle cuffs to secure them to a chair.  Or you could spread-eagle them on a bed in either a face up or face down position.  If this doesn’t tickle their fancy and if you have access to a well-equipped play space, you may have access to a St Andrew’s Cross.  This is a large wooden structure that enables you to spread-eagle your partner while they are standing.

Choosing your pleasure weapon

Spend a bit of time choosing the whip that is right for you. Not only does it have to be relatively easy to use, but it also has to feel good to both you and your partner. It has to feel sexy but a little bit dangerous. A lot of people start their whip play with a riding crop.  This whip could have a short length and leather texture which would make it easy to control and enables quite precise movements. However, we would recommend a nylon bull whip as the ideal starting point. It’s feel against the skin is silky and smooth but it delivers a sharp bite as you expertly stroke it across your partner, leaving them squirming, writhing, and begging for more.

Warm up the action

As much as you might be itching to start cracking your whip straight away, this kind of intense play is something you really need to build up to slowly. Once you have your partner naked and secured tightly, start to tease the sensitive parts of their body. Maybe start with an ice-cube, or some hot oil, maybe even a candle.  Some people use nipple clamps to start building the intensity; building, building, building, until you can sense that they are ready for whatever you can give them.  This is to ensure that they are ready for your whip.

Grab your bull whip and get ready to whip your love life into shape now! Contact Us if you have any questions about your Bondage Life!