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How you could make a naughty confession when it comes to your needs

naughty confession

Naughty Confession Do you have a secret yearning, a naughty confession you would love to make? But are you afraid to make that confession, wondering if your partner will laugh at you or think of it as silly? If so, you are not alone. Most adults have secret fantasies that they never share. But why […]

Hot vibrators for sale and how they could quickly please you

Vibrators for sale

Hot vibrators for sale and how they could quickly please you Every retailer has their favorite products that they believe in, the ones they enjoy selling and even enjoy owning. At The Original Wand, you can likely guess which vibrators for sale are our favorites, as our name implies. But in addition to our longstanding […]

Owning a penis pump could be a life changing move

Penis Pump

Owning a penis pump could be a life changing move Guys, never worry about your size again. Increasing erection length, girth and erection quality can be achieved simply, comfortably and best of all, reliably! If you’ve ever wished for these things, but weren’t sure how to go about it, a quality penis pump is the […]

A quick way to experience pure sex in a can

sex in a can

Ever experienced pure sex in a can? Depending on your current living situation, you may need to hide your adult toys from others such as your kids, roommates or even your significant other if privacy is a concern.  We know this sounds pretty straight forward and common sense but leaving sex toys out after or […]

How Sex Toys can cure anxiety and stress in just 10 minutes a day


Curing anxiety and stress is easier than you think with Sex Toys Anxiety and extreme stress is more common than most would think, especially if you let stressful situations get to you without isolating them.  You might be thinking, okay, it’s easier said than done not to get stressed or feel anxiety from events such […]

Learn all about the Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibrator

Jimmy Jane Form 2

Think you’re ready for the Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibrator? For many women, direct clitoral stimulation is a sure-fire way to reach orgasm. Considering it can take between fifteen and forty minutes for most women to climax, finding new and exciting ways to get there can be fun and satisfying! There are a lot of […]

Take control with the Bondage Pleasure Set

It’s time to take control with the Bondage Pleasure Set! Nothing spices things up in the bedroom like some sexy games, some role-plays, and some light bondage with discipline. While some of the best sexual encounters are the spontaneous ones, with a bit of planning and a few key purchases you can ensure that your […]