Relationship Fun with a Sexual Wand Can Spice Things Up

If you have not yet brought sex toys into your bedroom for partner play, you are definitely missing out. Although many people believe vibrators are for solo masturbation, the right sex toys can actually enhance your relationship fun. In fact, they are not just for women, anymore. A sexual wand like the Original Wand promises both parties can experience powerful orgasms. Let’s explore how to use a sexual wand during sex.

How a Sexual Wand Spices Things Up

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 81.6 percent of women do not experience orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone, such as during sexual intercourse. This majority of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. This can be very frustrating to women and their partners who struggle to bring them to climax. But with a sexual wand massager like the Original Wand in hand, orgasm is quick, easy, intense and satisfying to both partners.

Although large in size and intimidating to some people at first, sexual wands like the Original Wand are easy to integrate into your sexual play. A woman can use the wand on herself during intercourse or her partner can turn it on — and the woman, too — as part of foreplay. After one or a few more satisfying orgasms, the simple click of the “on” button is enough to bring a couple eagerly to bed. In fact, using a sexual wand helps close the gap between the 95 percent of men who orgasm during sex every time and the mere 65 percent of women who also climax in heterosexual relationships.

Deeply Rumbling Vibrations for Everyone Using a Sexual Wand

Sexual wands make female masturbation easy. There is no struggle to find the right spot. The deeply resonating, rumbling vibrations of the Original Wand result in a home run every time. With a little coaching and communication, partners can satisfy each other as many times as desired.

Besides an easier female orgasm, it is important to know that the Original Wand is not just for women, anymore. There are an array of attachments designed for male pleasure, too! One example is the M-Gasm, a cleverly designed human vagina replication that can be used with or without the wand. The P-Spot attachment perfectly stimulates the prostate for men, too. There are literally endless options for self-pleasure, mutual pleasure and sexual play using a vibrating wand. It is a perfect addition to any intimate relationship.

Start Spicing Up Your Relationship Today

If you have a bold partner, it will be easy to add an Original Wand to your bedroom repertoire. If your partner is shy, there are several ways you can introduce your new toy without intimidating them. For example, you can talk to them about watching you use it on yourself. Simply watching you can be an erotic experience! Then ask them to hold the sexual wand for you. Many partners find they enjoy being in control and holding the power of the sexual wand, a sort of untapped fetish they may discover.

Besides the Original Wand, you can choose your new toy from a selection of wand packages tailor-made to suit your turn-ons. The Original Wand Plus offers four intensity power levels and a removable cord, so you can enjoy the rumble anywhere and anytime. The Original Wand Mini offers all of the power and vibration you need in a compact size if you travel and want your rumbles on-the-go.

Once you are both comfortable with your sexual wand, try using it in a multitude of positions alone and during intercourse. Add to your options by collecting some attachments for each of you. Do not forget to buy wand-friendly lube and toy cleaner, too. In no time, your sex life will be much spicier and more satisfying for you and your partner, both!

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