Which is the best vibrating wand? Magic Wand Rechargeable vs Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager

Are you looking for the best vibrating wand? If so, you have probably already realized that the top two rechargeable wands on the market today are the Magic Wand Rechargeable and the Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager. But these wands are very different and likewise provide very different experiences.

Overall, one of these focuses on looking pretty on the shelf. The other in the best vibrating wand class aims to deliver the most orgasmic impact. Which will you prefer to add to your sex toy chest?

About the Best Vibrating Wands: Magic Wand Rechargeable vs Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager

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Le Wand vibrating massagers were developed by COTR Inc. sometime after 2008 as one of their sex positive lifestyle brands. From the start, Le Wand focused on aesthetic beauty and luxurious appeal of their intimate devices, even winning multiple awards for physical design and creativity. Among the brand’s top products is the body-safe Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager. In the company’s marketing, Le Wand discusses the sex-positive revolution for women that has evolved since the 1970s. Ironically, their device’s biggest competitor, the Magic Wand, played a major role in that revolution here in the United States.

The Magic Wand Original debuted on American markets in the 1960s under patents and FDA-approval as a body massager. Women soon discovered how effective the device’s deep rumbles were for achieving relaxation of another sort, well beyond muscle massages. As word of the Magic Wand’s orgasmic intensity spread, the brand’s sales took off. Over the years, there have been multiple competitors attempting to redesign, repackage and benefit from the Magic Wand’s rumbly thunder. But the original is still widely considered the best vibrating wand, by far. It is up to its competitors to measure up to this award-winning innovation, always the top-rated among consumers.

Vibrating Wand Appearance

Top attributes most reviewers first mention about the Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager are visual. One writer called out the wand’s clean lines, saying it looked much like a spa implement. The wand is also touted for its simple controls, stylish accents and silicone head. But it is immediately and reliably defined as strikingly similar in shape and appearance to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the top contender for the “Best Vibrating Wand” winner.

Its visual similarity to the Magic Wand makes the Le Wand immediately prone to comparison to the original 1960s-era “best vibrating wand ever.” The Hitachi wand is known for almost single-handedly disrupting the massager industry and revolutionizing how women satisfy their own sexual urges. That is a difficult legacy to stand up against.

Unfortunately, as one might expect, it is hard to improve upon the original Magic Wand and its Magic Wand Rechargeable. The Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager has largely copied the Magic Wand design template, then adding some color and flair to make it appear more luxurious. The body casing of both flare outward, just as each feature three buttons similarly placed on the top portion of the handle. Even the wands’ branding share the same placement on the casing, just beneath the neck band on each. Their chargers are the same, too.

As the saying goes, a copycat is a compliment to the original. But the lack of originality in a secondary product must come with better performance or other benefits that stand out. At first appearance, vibrant color and rose gold metallics are the only true differentiators of the Le Wand from the clean white appeal of the Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Vibrational Strength

The biggest question in determination of the best vibrating wand is which one best gets you to orgasm? After all, climaxes are what we are all after when investing in vibrating wands.

In the world of copies and even other, more originally designed wands, the Le Wand rates high for vibrational strength. It actually closely compares to the Magic Wand in this department. But seasoned users of vibrating wands know the difference between surface buzzing and deep rumbles. With the best vibrating wand, it is the deeply resonating rumbles that buyers seek.

Surface buzzing is the vibrational tone expected from a handheld, battery-operated pocket rocket. These are feelings not desired from a top quality, best vibrating wand. These vibrations resonate on the surface of your body like a tickle, instead of reaching deep inside your erogenous zones to curl your toes. Le Wand has much more buzzing than you might expect to accompany its deeper rumbles, when compared to the Magic Wand. In fact, this is one point that many consumers find disappointing in the Le Wand. At the highest vibrational setting, you will crave more rumbling and less buzzing. Too much buzzing distracts from orgasm, making it a longer journey to climax when using the Le Wand, versus the more satisfying rumbles and fewer buzzes of the Magic Wand.

Vibrational Patterns

Besides rumbling strength, the Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager also features vibration patterns. These patterns change with the simple press of a button. The device’s packaging boasts 20 vibration patterns.

The Magic Wand only has four vibration patterns. In this category, one must wonder how many vibration patterns are necessary to make one the best vibrating wand ever. The Magic Wand is positioned as offering the ideal selection to get users to climax.


Noise is a major factor in maintaining the headspace to achieve an orgasm. Too much noise is a turnoff for many users. Most also prefer discretion in their sexual activities as part of apartment living or among roommates. Unfortunately, the Le Wand is not as quiet as it could be within the “luxury” category. The higher the speed at which you self-pleasure using Le Wand, the greater the potential of being heard by others. The wand’s noise also correlates to its vibrational buzzes, further distracting users from orgasm. All in all, the Le Wand is a lot noisier than the Magic Wand.

Bonus Features

Unlike most other vibrating wands on the market, the Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager features a travel lock. You can engage this lock to prevent the embarrassing scenario of your vibrator turning on mid-flight in your suitcase. The Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager comes with a handy travel case, too.

The device also comes with a Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) head cover. However, this is not necessarily something one should use for an extended period of time. Being porous, this head cover material cannot be effectively cleaned. Too much can linger in the microscopic pores, making sharing your cleaned device a bad idea. Otherwise, the Le Wand’s silicone head is body safe and can be used without the head cover.

When it comes to recharging, Le Wand recommends users wait until the device is fully charged before using. You must also disconnect the device from its electric charger before engaging in playtime. The Magic Wand, on the other hand, enables you to use the vibrator even while it is plugged in. It will not simultaneously charge during your use, but the Magic Wand will not leave you cliffhanging with dead batteries, either.

Final Thoughts

The Le Wand Recharging Vibrating Massager is a definite contender in the race for Best Vibrating Wand. When used without comparing it directly to other devices on the market, it is certainly a satisfying, enjoyable wand. But it is not unique enough in its features, despite the pretty colors and upscale metallic accents. It seems the designers deconstructed a Magic Wand to make their own product, only changing the bare minimum of visual elements to make their device appear more “luxurious.” But in buying and using your Le Wand, how far does visual appeal go toward achieving life-changing orgasms?

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is still our top choice for Best Vibrating Wand. This original reigns supreme for its sleek, comfortable design without unnecessary frills. Instead, the brand’s innovations are built into its deep, rumbling and resonating vibrations that get you to orgasm every time. It is quieter than the Le Wand, offers all of the features you need and enables you to enjoy its qualities even when plugged in. These attributes make the Magic Wand Rechargeable the best vibrating wand of all on the market today, just as in the 1960s and 1970s when the brand revolutionized the personal massager and sex toy markets.

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