Why Getting a Complete Sex Toy Kit Makes Sense

Why Getting a Complete Sex Toy Kit Makes Sense

As a couple, there are times when you want to get a little creative in the bedroom. Sex toys are the perfect addition to any sexual activity for spicing things up or just keeping them going at full hilt. But there are so many devices to choose from that it can be confusing, regarding which will be most suited for your very personal needs.

Unfortunately, it is during the first use that many couples discover they have not picked the right toy, need more practice with using one before it can be fully enjoyed, or one device is simply not enough for their personal sense of adventure. A sex toy kit solves all of these problems at once, providing enough variety, simple usability and adventure that no single vibrator can muster.

Do couples really use sex toy kits together?

Jimmy Jane Form 2Each sex toy kit is designed with couples in mind. These specific collections ensure that the personal desires of both parties are met from foreplay through multiple orgasms. They are also great for learning new tricks, so to speak, and trying new things together.

The first step is to determine which sex toy kit is best for your personal relationship. You may do this by shopping alone or checking out options and discussing them with your partner. When feeling nervous about trying a vibrator or sex toy kit with your partner for the first time, simply remember that 91 percent of men and 81 percent of women who have used a vibrator have done so with a partner, according to research conducted by Indiana State University in 2011.

How to Introduce a Sex Toy for the First Time

When using a vibrator or other device, it can be scary to turn the sex toy on for the first time. You may feel clumsy and slightly awkward. Of course, you may be one of the lucky few who feels more confident and secure about jumping right in.

Below are some ideas for first using a sex toy together. After you try some of these out, you can write your own script, from there.


A Men’s Health survey reported that 80 percent of women want their partner to “spy” on them while they masturbate. This can be translated to using a sex toy for the first time together, during which time one partner acts like a voyeur and watches the other without interfering.

Deep Throat SprayWhile She Performs Oral Sex

As she is performing oral sex on her partner, the vibrator may be used to keep her interested in what she is doing and reaching her own pleasure, at the same time. The sex toy can be used on her or she can use it on herself.

For Foreplay

Vibrators and attachments, like those in the Original Magic Wand Cordless Love Package may be used for foreplay all over both partners’ bodies. Textured attachments can provide skin and muscle stimulation everywhere as the vibrations loosen muscles and massage tension away. When ready, the vibrator can move to more sensitive parts of the body and sexual stimulation can begin.

Doggie Style

When the male is behind a female during intercourse, the Original Magic Wand can be used by the female on herself or by him through a “reach-around” to her clitoris. The same is true for same-sex couples who can use specialized attachments to use the Original Magic Wand during intercourse in this position.

Reverse Cowgirl

When the female is on top facing her partner’s knees, she may stimulate herself using the Original Magic Wand or he can reach around and hold the device in place for her.

Explore and Get Creative with Your Sex Toy Kit

Magic Wand RechargeableWhen you select and receive your own toy kit, exploration is what comes easily after the first use. Simply getting past the intimidation or nervousness of trying a sex toy with your partner for the first time is the biggest step. After that is done, no instructions or even spoken words are required. Just turn the device on and you will figure it out.

If you liked this article and want to find out more about some great sex toy options, be sure to check out our article on toys for couples as well.

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