Quick tips on how male masturbation toys should be cleaned

Quick tips on how male masturbation toys should be cleaned

Men are notorious for being less concerned about their home decor and cleanliness, as compared to women. Stereotypical? Yes. But still, in a head-to-head competition, women would probably take home the prizes for household cleanliness. Women are just better at getting into all of the nooks and crannies.

Speaking of nooks and crannies, what about those hidden areas of your sex toys? Men, are you keeping your male masturbation toys clean? For women, this chore is easier because of the nature of “things” and what happens – or does not happen – when women use their toys. Men have a certain leave-behind that makes cleaning their male masturbation toys a bit trickier than vibrators are for the ladies to clean.

How to Clean Male Masturbation Toys in the Sink

Male Masturbation ToysGuys, you know cleaning is called a “chore” for a reason. But cleaning your male masturbation toys is not something you want to neglect. Think about it. You are putting yourself into a toy. Don’t you want that toy to be a safe harbor for your favorite body part?

Cleaning a sex toy is actually pretty simple. But we will break it down for you, so you can get it right. Then when you’re done with the cleaning, you can mess it up again. You know you will.

Most male sex toys are open at each end. As an example, the blue Mood Exciter Stroker has a large opening on one end and a small opening on the other. The small opening exists to ensure suction is not too tight on the penis when the toy is being used.

Mood Exciter Stroker-BlueIn order to effectively wash out any residual “damage,” simply place one of the openings under your sink’s tap and turn on warm water. This will wash out your DNA deposits and other fluids, like lubricants, left in the toy. Keep the water flowing through until you feel fairly certain most of the residue has rinsed away.

Many people use soap to more deeply clean their sex toys. The general method is to immerse the toy in a sink of soapy warm water. You can swish it around and use a washcloth over your finger to really get into the inside of the toy and its nether-regions. However, some toys cannot be cleaned using soap. In fact, soap residue can get into the head of the penis when using a male masturbator and may burn to the point of stopping your action. So consider whether soap is your right option.

Cleaning Male Masturbators without Soap

Anti Bacterial Toy CleanerA better choice is Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Universal Toy Cleaner. This spray on cleaner is anti-bacterial and designed for safe use on most sex toy surfaces. Read the label to ensure your specific toy can be cleaned using this solution. Dr. Berman’s formula cleans very well and leaves a great scent behind.

Dr. Berman’s cleaning solution is perfect for Sasha Grey male toys, like the Sasha Grey Masturbator and Sasha Grey Deep Throat Stroker.

For toys with this skin-like texture common to Sasha Grey and Fleshlight masturbators, dry the toy well and then dust with cornstarch to keep the “flesh” supple and smooth like real skin. Treat your male masturbation toys fondly as you do your own flesh and they will treat you fondly for a long time to come.

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