Why water based lube is important for adult toys?

Why water based lube is important for adult toys?

Almost every sexual encounter can be enhanced with the use of a squeeze of personal lubricant (more commonly referred to as “lube”). Lube helps to reduce the friction when you are rubbing body parts with another person, or rubbing your own body parts, or rubbing your body parts with an object/device. When you are using a sex toy or a vibrator then choosing the right lube is almost just as essential as choosing the right sex toy.  But which lube should you use? In this article we take a look at how to choose the right lube.


The problem with oil-based lubricants

Lubricants that are described as oil-based or petroleum-based (such as petroleum jelly) are best avoided as they have been shown to damage condoms, causing the latex to disintegrate and break. The ingredients of oil-based lubricants have also been shown to damage some types of sex toys.

The problem with silicone-based lubricants

Silicone ingredients don’t contain any water and have a different feel to water-based lubricants as they are not absorbed by the skin (or mucus membranes). The consistency and ingredients contained within silicone-based lubricants means that they last a lot longer than water-based lubricants. However silicone-based lubricants are generally considered as unsafe for use with latex condoms. It is also recommended not to use silicone-based lubricants with sex toys or vibrators that are made from silicon because it may dissolve the surface and damage the device over time. The damage caused by the lubricant can encourage the growth of bacteria which can lead to longer term health problems.  Not to mention, if spending some good $$$ on your adult toy, you don’t want to ruin it within a couple months right?


Water-based lubricants are the best option

A lubricant that is described as water-based has water as its main ingredient and is water-soluble. Because water-based lube can be absorbed into the skin (or evaporate) you will get the best results by reapplying additional lube whenever required. One thing to be aware of when thinking about which lube you need is that water-based lube isn’t really compatible with use in the shower (as it will dissolve upon contact with water), so if you are looking for a product that you can use to pleasure yourself in the shower with then you might need to consider your options.


Why do sex toys need lube?

While some sex toys can be used without lube, most of the pleasure that you are going to experience from using a sex toy or a vibrator is delivered by the friction of the device on your sex organs. While friction can be initially exciting, over any sort of extended period this can dry your skin and become quite painful. Applying some lube is going to give you all the pleasure of the vibration for as long as you can take it.


However you decide to hit your pleasure spots, by yourself or with a friend, make sure you stock up on plenty of water-based lube. Grab your sex toy or vibrator, apply as much lube as necessary and then lie back and take yourself on a pleasure trip.  If you are looking for some different types of water based lubricant flavors, check out this ID Glide Variety Pack.

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