How To Choose The Best Magic Wand Attachments

Five Quick & Easy Tips to Identify the Best Magic Wand Attachments For You

Okay so you have the Hitachi Magic Wand Original Hv260 or the Magic Wand Rechargeable massager HV270 and are ready for some attachments that go on top of these devices.  If you aren’t sure what attachments actually do, they enhance the experience of the massager with different textures of material that provide additional pleasure sensations.  Choosing the right magic wand attachments could be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know what to look for.  Below, we will identify five quick and easy tips to choosing the right magic wand attachments for you!

Tip 1 – Internal or External Stimulation

The very first decision you have to make is to choose between an internal stimulating attachment or external stimulating attachment.  Meaning, do you want the attachment to penetrate your body or to just stimulate the exterior of your fun zone.  For example, the G-Tip is an internal stimulating attachment while the Tulip attachment is an external stimulating attachment.  Below are a couple examples of these attachments:



Tip 2 – Material

The second decision you have to decide on is the type of material you would like your magic wand attachments to be made from.  Some of the most common materials for wand attachments are Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and Silicone.  Silicone is generally a softer, silky material while other materials are more rubber based.  All attachments we sell are body safe and will last a long time so you just have to decide which material you prefer.  We recommend you try one of each to decide which one you like more.

Tip 3 – Color

We all have our favorite colors and luckily, magic wand attachments come in many different colors and types.  Choose from purple, red, white, black, blue, clear and much more.

Tip 4 – Size

Some attachments are larger than others so one size definitely does not fit all.  For example, the Ride N Vibe attachment is approximately 8 inches long and approximately  2.5 inches in diameter.  This of course is for someone who appreciates a larger size.  The Straight Blue attachment, however, is approximately 4 inches in length and about an inch in diameter.  Take a look at these attachments below.


Straight Blue

Tip 5 – Cost

Depending on the price range  you feel comfortable with, magic wand attachments range from $12.99 to $59.99.  Take a look at all of our Magic Wand Attachments here and decide which attachments are right for you.  If you are new to wand attachment and the magic wand massager in general, you can save much more money by purchasing one of our best selling magic wand packages found here:


We have over 30 custom designed wand packages on our website.  Below are just a few examples of our packages you can view:

Gold Package

Tulip Package

Twig & Berries Package

We hope this quick explanation of what to look for in magic wand attachments has been helpful.  If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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