Magic Wand Original vs Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Magic Wand Original vs Adam & Eve Magic Massager

The Magic Wand Original Massager, model HV260, has been one of the best selling handheld massagers for over 30 years.  This massager wasn’t always called the Magic Wand Original and was previously labeled under the manufacturers name of Hitachi Magic Wand HV250R.  Although there has been some minor improvements of the Magic Wand Original since the Hitachi Magic Wand, the device is still very much the same iconic powerhouse it has been for decades.  When successful massagers are introduced into the marketplace, many companies try to benefit from this success by releasing their own “private labeled” version of the Magic Wand.  Today we are going to provide a summary comparison of the Magic Wand Original model HV260 versus the Adam & Eve Magic Massager which are both two speed corded massagers.

Magic Wand Original HV260

Magic Wand OriginalThe Magic Wand Original is a two speed handheld massager which operates at 5,000 RPM for the low setting and 6,000 RPM for the high setting.  The cord on this device is approximately 6 feet long and provides plenty of power for those who crave a strong massager for multiple explosive orgasms.  Although this device is not extremely quiet, it does do the job very well and will keep you happy for many years to come.  Many customers state that their Magic Wand has lasted well over 10 years and actually serves the purpose of being an great body massager in addition to a amazing vibrator.  You would get a full 1-year warranty which protects you from any manufacturers defect and would get upgraded priority shipping which is always discreet.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Adam&EveThe Adam & Eve Magic Massager is also a two speed plug in massager which seems awful close to the replica versions of the Magic Wand Original.  In fact, we have done a comparison of Real Vs Fake Magic Wand Buyers Guide and believe that the Adam & Eve Magic Massager has the same motor location (in the head instead of in the body) as the replica versions found on websites like Made-In-China or Alibaba.  The motor location does make a significant difference in the power output of the massager since the authentic Magic Wand’s are able to include a stronger and larger motor than the Adam & Eve Massager.  We can’t tell if Adam&Eve just private labeled a replica wand and put their name on it to pass it off as a quality massager or if they actually crafted their own design which is tried and true.  Also, we didn’t notice the Adam & Eve Magic Massager coming with any form of warranty listed on their website which the Magic Wand Original does.  We will be opening up the Adam&Eve massager soon to determine what the differences really are between the Magic Wand Original and Adam&Eve’s version of the Magic Wand.


Both the Magic Wand Original and Adam & Eve Magic Massager are approximately the same price which makes the decision of purchasing a wand massager a no brainer.  If the Adam&Eve Magic Massager was half the price of the Magic Wand Original massager, then it would be a closer comparison to consider. Please let us know if you have any questions about this article or any of our products.


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