Fun toys which are perfect for shower sex pleasure

Shower Sex

Aaaaahh, shower sex. It is squeaky clean, sexy fun and post-sex cleanup, all at once. How convenient! But when you’re trying to ensure even shower sex doesn’t become same old-same old, what can you do to make waterborne activities even more exciting? How about some handy little gadgets that offer waterproof pleasure for some steamy good times under the shower head?

Suction Mounted Dildo

All American WhopperThe All American Whopper dildo features a suction cup at its base, so you can stick it on the shower wall, floor or tile seat to enjoy a romp as the rain-like droplets caress your body. There is almost no limit to the angles and levels of pleasure you can enjoy on typical shower surfaces, making your washing-up anything but typical. Breaking a sweat has never been so clean.

Butterfly Kiss

What sounds softer and sweeter than gentle droplets on your skin? How about a Butterfly Kiss? In pretty pink, this little pleasure gadget provides clitoral and g-spot stimulation for waterproof pleasure. You can enjoy using it alone or with your partner for a quick, lovely orgasm without wasting too much hot water.

shower sexStealthy Shower Sex

As stealthy as a thief in the night, the Ninja Massager can provide all of your favorite wand-style pleasure in the shower or tub. Completely waterproof, the Ninja encourages shower after shower of multiple speeds and vibrations for many orgasms to come. Whether used alone or with a partner, the Ninja will not disappoint. You can even add any of the wide array of Original Wand attachments for every kind of stimulation you could possibly want. This makes the Ninja perfect for men or women to enjoy their shower time in a whole new way.

Shower Sex Fun From Around the World

Regardless of what country you are in, you can give your sweetie her best orgasm while she takes a shower. Powered by a smartphone app at a great distance or a handy remote from just across the room, you can enjoy your lady’s shower with her by pulsating and vibrating her into orgasm with the WeVibe 4 Plus. The WeVibe 4 Plus allows couples to get incredibly creative in regard to where, when and how orgasms are achieved. You can even enjoy the WeVibe with her by jumping in under the shower head for some mutually-stimulating shower sex while the WeVibe continues to vibrate for both of you.

These gadgets and toys are only a handful of the ways to start enjoying shower sex even more. Get creative with your showers and add a whole new, slippery dimension to your sex life. Just be careful you don’t lose your footing and remember to not drop the soap, unless you really like it that way.

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