How to properly use your magic wand attachments

How to properly use your magic wand attachments

So you finally got yourself a magic wand and have made the leap into the wonderful magic wand attachments arena but don’t know how to care for and properly use these attachments?  Have no fear, we will explain how to properly use your magic wand attachments today to ensure they are kept hygienic and undamaged from use.

Step 1 – Keeping your attachments clean.

Sex Toys could carry bacteria if not cared for properly which is why you will want to pay very special attention to this part. Disinfecting your magic wand attachments before AND after use is highly recommended to maintain their quality and durability for many years to come.  We will get into why you need to disinfect your magic wand attachments before and after use in step 2.  Since bacteria, lint, fuzz, semen and many other particles could form on magic wand attachments, you will want to make sure you take a warm moist towel and spay a generous amount of Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner on this towel then proceeding to thoroughly clean the magic wand attachments you have before use.  You will want to repeat this step right after use as well and make sure you store these wand attachments in a place where they are not exposed to open air.  It’s a best practice to wipe down the head of your magic wand massager as well to ensure this part of the wand is kept bacteria free too.

Step 2 – Use a little water based lube to put on your magic wand attachments

Magic Wand AttachmentsAs mentioned in Step 1, disinfecting your magic wand attachments before and after use is a necessary step and here is why.  You will want to use a small amount of water based lube and put it on the tip of your finger.  After you apply a small amount  to your finger, you will want to apply this to the inside cup of your magic wand attachments.  Lubricating the inside of your magic wand attachments will ensure that the slipping on and slipping off process is easy and does not damage the magic wand attachments with any stretches or tears.  This is why you will want to disinfect and wipe down the excess lube after every use so there isn’t any leftover residue which could build up on your wand attachments.  Luckily, proper maintenance of these attachments just takes a minute so don’t delay the process of proper upkeep if you want your toys in the best shape at all times!


Step 3 – Don’t do the following!

Do not by any means boil or put your magic wand attachments in the dishwasher.  We have heard some customer state that this works for them but it is not recommended at all.  Extreme temperatures found in a boiling pot of water or a dishwasher is not safe for wand attachments and will quickly expand/destroy your favorite toys.  Common sense would dictate the following but we will add our disclaimer as well.  Do not by any means boil or wash your magic wand massager. 🙂  This is an electronic device and is not waterproof.

Keeping these handy tips in mind will ensure that your wand attachments last as long as possible in the most hygienic manner.  If you need other tips on how to care for your sex toys or other pleasure products, please contact us and we will be more than happy to make some recommendations.