Water Based Lube vs Silicone Based Lube

Find out what the difference is between Water Based Lube vs Silicone Based Lube

Why are different types of lube made?  Aren’t they all supposed to do the same thing so why make a Water Based Lube versus a Silicone Based Lube?  Today, we will discuss the differences between these lubes and which one is right for you when considering your next bottle.

Water Based Lube

Pink Water Based LubeBefore you decide which lube is right for you, you would first have to decide what application you want to use the lube for. Meaning, if you are going to use lube for masturbation or sex without the use of sex toys, then silicone based lube might work for you.  However, if you are specifically looking for lube that is safe both with most sex toys and non sex toy related masturbation, water based lube will tickle your fancy.

TheOriginalWand.com is a big believer of water based lube since we think this type of lube is not only safe on your sex toys but also safe on your skin due to it’s water based formula.  Some of the best bottles of water based lube is made by ID Glide and Gun Oil due to their super slick formula that won’t wear off quickly when you need it the most.

The importance of using a water based lube on sex toys is because silicone based lube’s could break down and destroy some sex toy materials such as silicone, jelly or CyberSkin. Results as such is typical when using any silicone based lube on these types sex toys.

Silicone Based Lube

This type of lube will generally feel more slick when applied and will usually last longer in this format when comparing it to a water based lube which is why some consumers choose to go this route.  If you are not going to be using sex toys during play time or have a sex toy which won’t be affected by any lube such as the Blue Glass Dildo, it will be fun to experiment with a Silicone Based Lube since it provides a different experience you may enjoy.

Silicone Based Lube’s don’t wash off as easy as water based lube which is what some consumers have complained about since the sticky residue could be a little bit of a nuisance.  On the other side of the coin though, silicone based lube’s can be great for use in the bath tub or shower since it doesn’t wash off as quickly and will last during play time.


Ultimately, it’s best to have a bottle of each water based lube and silicone based lube for fun and experiment with both to see which one is a better fit for you.  As always, please contact us with any questions on any of our products or if you have a specific questions on lube applications you would like answers to.  We will be more than happy to help.


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