How To Use A Fleshlight The Right Way

How To Use A Fleshlight The Right Way

Many men interested in getting their first Fleshlight – or those just opening the box of their new men’s sex toy – wonder how to use a Fleshlight, in the first place. Basic use is pretty intuitive. You simply “take that” and “put it there.” But more comfortable use and taking care of the toy, such as how to clean and store it, are the details many men wonder about.

Fleshlight Pink OriginalHow to Use a Fleshlight

To get started with your Fleshlight, first warm it so all of the sensations of the experience will be more realistic and enjoyable. To warm your toy, never put it in a microwave or other heating appliance. Instead, remove the Fleshlight sleeve from its case and run warm water through it for at least five minutes. Another method of heating the sleeve is to submerge it in a bowl of heated water for the same period of time. Never boil the sleeve.

One trick many men forget in how to use a Fleshlight is that of also warming their lubricant in the bowl of water or sink, as the toy is being warmed. This helps keep the lube from cooling both you and the Fleshlight at the time of use.

After five minutes, remove the sleeve from the water and shake it dry. Place the sleeve back in its Fleshlight case. Unscrew the bottom cap of the canister to adjust suction of the sleeve.

Liberally apply lubricant to the Fleshlight and your own skin. The Fleshlight is immediately ready to use, just as you are likely also ready after applying the lubricant to the Fleshlight’s surfaces.

Fleshlight STUHow to Maintain Your Fleshlight

The party is over and it is time to clean up. There are some important things to remember when cleaning your toy, to keep it in good form for a long time:

  • Do not use soap on your toy’s sleeve – ever. Soap will damage the Fleshlight and can burn your skin during use.
  • If you need to spot clean, use isopropyl alcohol.
  • To keep the Fleshlight sleeve soft and realistic, liberally sprinkle cornstarch on the sleeve and shake off excess.
  • Do not ever use baby powder or talc on your Fleshlight.

To clean, just rinse the sleeve and canister in warm water under the sink or bathtub faucet. Allow time for each to dry completely before storing them or closing the caps on the Fleshlight. As a best practice for keeping the Fleshlight’s sleeve soft, liberally apply cornstarch to its surfaces and shake off any excess.

For best drying, place the toy’s parts on a towel in a well-ventilated area. Next to a fan or air conditioning duct works great. If you need to dry and store it quickly, like before company comes over, use a chamois or lint-free towel to pat surfaces dry. Then run the towel through the sleeve, from one end to the other.

If the Fleshlight’s parts are not dry when stored, mildew can grow inside the sleeve and an odor can develop. If this ever happens, just use isopropyl alcohol to remove the spots. A best practice is to leave the end caps slightly open when storing.

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