Why women want the Womanizer Sex Toy

Why women want the Womanizer Sex Toy

Ladies, hold onto your skirts. There is a new vibrator in town, and it is not bunny-eared or bright pink. This new pleasure device, called the Womanizer W500 Pro, is sleek, sexy, fashionable, beautiful and even adorned with Swarovski® crystal elements.

How the Womanizer W500 Pro Works

Womanizer W500 ProThe Womanizer W500 Pro utilizes air suction instead of plastic pressure against your body. This is actually better for your clitoris, more gently stimulating it as a human would. But just because it is gentle, don’t be fooled into thinking it takes work to climax using a Womanizer sex toy. In fact, the vast majority of women testing the product climax within one minute of use. That is pretty incredible. Orgasms achieved through this air suction method are even slightly different than vibration-stimulated orgasms, too. So you can alternate between your favorite toys and experience a variety of orgasms from playtime to playtime.

The tricky aspects of the Womanizer sex toy involve how it is used in comparison to other vibrators. It is best suited for solo play, that quiet time when you’re dateless on a Saturday night. Your body must be fairly still and in a reclining position for the device to work. So you will likely find yourself using it while in bed or laying on the sofa. Because you need to remain still until orgasm, it is not something a partner can get as into using on you, as you will in quiet moments for yourself. Besides, it only takes a minute to three minutes to climax using the Womanizer sex toy, so it is more for your own time and pleasure.

Whether you have never experienced an orgasm through clitoral stimulation or you’re a vibrator tester for every major adult toy company, you will be pleased with the Womanizer sex toy effect. Since the device uses suction, it suctions your clitoris into a small opening on the Womanizer and gently massages the clitoris using air, not plastic or metal. Multiple settings provide the perfect sensation for each woman, whether you need the most gentle air touch or want to feel like you’re Hoovering your clitoris from your body.

How the Womanizer W500 Pro Looks

Womanizer W500 ProFor fashionistas, the Womanizer W500 Pro is the real beauty of sex toys. It is sleek and elegant, easily fits in your hand and is whisper quiet on its lowest setting. The white version of the Womanizer sex toy features a chrome silver inset and a clear crystal at the on-off switch.

This little toy is getting rave reviews. Women all over the globe are loving it. The fact that it is not so much a couples’ toy can be great, too. Sometimes you need something just for yourself, anyway.

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