What Is A Fleshlight And Why Does Every Man Need One?

What Is A Fleshlight And Why Does Every Man Need One?

The saying goes, “Keep Austin Weird.” Doing his part to keep Austin weird, or maybe to keep things from getting too weird, local resident Steve Shubin invented the Fleshlight in 1995. When asked by the patent forms, “What is a Fleshlight,” Shubin’s claim was that the devices are for discreet sperm collection.

Fleshlight STUBut what is a Fleshlight, really?

The Fleshlight is a sex toy for men. It is a canister-encapsulated artificial vagina or other body orifice made of ultra soft, phthalate-free Real Feel SuperSkin realistically molded to simulate sexual activity with another person.

The Fleshlight is designed to be a discreet addition to any man’s household. Its canister is shaped like a standard home flashlight. Inside the canister, a whole new world of pleasure is revealed where a light beam would typically originate.

The beauty of the Fleshlight is that it provides a realistic, safe sexual experience for solo activity and meets that need for satisfaction beyond typical masturbation. Yet it can be stored in a drawer, under a sink or in a closet without standing out as anything other than a typical household product.

The Original Wand offers five Fleshlights for five different experiences in masturbation:

Why should every man own a Fleshlight?

There are four reasons why men should consider having their own Fleshlight:

  • Convenience: Masturbation can get boring. The Fleshlight provides the convenience of your hand, yet with a higher level of gratification.
  • Satisfyingly realistic: The Fleshlight’s super soft materials feel like real intercourse.
  • Endurance training: To transform a newbie into a Casanova, stamina and performance can be improved using a Fleshlight.
  • Safe sex. With a Fleshlight on hand, you can avoid risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancy and other problems of promiscuity.

what is a fleshlightIs a Fleshlight hard to keep clean?

Using a Fleshlight is pretty intuitive. Keeping it clean is also pretty easy, with a few things kept in mind.

To clean your Fleshlight, you remove the inner sleeve from its canister, then running very warm water from the faucet through the sleeve. This rinses all of the surfaces clean. The same holds true for the outer canister. Just rinse it at the same time. If you need to remove more stubborn residue from your Fleshlight, you can use isopropyl alcohol. You never, ever should use soap on your Fleshlight.

After your Fleshlight is air dried, you dust it well with cornstarch to protect its surfaces and keep everything soft and supple. Talcum and baby powder are the enemies of a Fleshlight and will damage its surfaces, so only cornstarch should be used.

The Fleshlight is then ready for storage and its next play date.