Magic Wand Attachments enhance the Hitachi Massager

Magic Wand Attachments enhance the Hitachi Massager

The Magic Wand is the classic aid for sexual stimulation and pleasure. The rubberized head of the device (which measures 2.5 inches) is ideal for clitoral stimulation and to help women achieve clitoral orgasm. However the two-speed power and intensity of the Magic Wand can be pretty strong for users and it was sex-educator Betty Dodson who first began experimenting with different ways of using the Wand. Dodson began running sex-education classes in the United States in the late 1960s – one of her most popular techniques that she taught to women in her classes was to use the Magic Wand with a towel placed over the genitals in order to dull the intensity of the vibrations and thereby extending the pleasure that you can achieve by using a personal massager such as the Magic Wand. Since those early days, when women first discovered that the Magic Wand could be used for a lot more than just relieving muscle tension, we have seen a huge range of attachments developed specifically for the Magic Wand – in this article we take a look at some of the most popular attachments.

Improving on the basic model

The original Magic Wand is a fairly simple device. Twelve inches long and weighing 540 grams, it was designed specifically for muscle and nerve stimulation – the 2.5 inch rubberized head (attached to the main body of the device with a flexible neck) was intended to be used to help relieve tension in tired muscles. The magic wand is powered from mains power and so the power cord is required to be plugged in for operation – the unit does not take batteries. One of the primary reasons that Magic Wand attachments have enhanced the user experience is precisely because the Wand was not designed to be used as a sexual aid – the original model is not water-proof or water-resistant, and it could overheat when it used for more than the recommended manufacturers time.

Which attachment to use?

There are now so many Magic Wand attachments that it can get a bit confusing as to which attachment you should choose. You can add elements to your Magic Wand unit that will give you differences in color, studs, textures and different materials. There are attachments that can deliver even greater clitoral stimulation, but perhaps one of the most exciting attachments is the one known as the Wonder Wand. What is special about the Wonder Wand is that it enables the vibrations of the Magic Wand to be extended deep inside the vagina. One of the added benefits of an attachment such as the Wonder Wand is that it is made from TPE plastic so the attachment is water-proof and can be easily cleaned after use. Not to mention, TPE is very safe on the body.

Another type of Magic Wand attachment that is very popular are the attachments that target a woman’s G-spot. These attachments also fit over the device and effectively stimulate some of the most pleasurable areas of a woman’s anatomy.

The next attachment that we want to look at is called the Flutter Tip Wand Attachment. This is an attachment that goes over the device and delivers a sensation that is similar to cunnilingus.There are also Magic Wand attachments that have also been designed to enhance the use of the Magic Wand by men. Attachments for men focus on stimulating the prostate, but there is also an attachment that fits over the head of the Magic Wand and can be used as a masturbation sleeve for men. This male attachment, which is designed to look and feel like an actual vagina is called the M-Gasm. There is a whole world of Magic Wand attachments waiting for your pleasure. Are you ready for one today?

Straight Attachment - Magic Wand Attachments
Straight Blue
Curved Attachment - Magic Wand Attachments
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Flutter Attachment - Magic Wand Attachments
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M-Gasm Attachment - Magic Wand Attachments
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