Personal massagers and the power behind them

Personal massagers and the power behind them

If you have watched the television series ‘Sex and the City’ you’ll appreciate that even though the people that manufacturers and sell personal massagers may think that they’re only possible use is for relieving tension in tired muscles, but for over thirty years the women of the world (and increasingly the men) have discovered that personal massagers can be an exciting and stimulating masturbation aid. Whenever I see advertisements for personal massagers I always remember Samantha Jones having an argument with a sales clerk who was insisting that the massager that she was buying was only to be used as a neck massager, but she loudly, forcibly, and explicitly explained that personal masses also made very effective vibrators.

We have the power

Personal Massagers

One of the key features of personal massagers is that they have a speed control or speed settings that enable you to manipulate the pleasure that you are experiencing by speeding up and slowing down the intensity of stimulation that you are receiving. For example the Hitachi Magic Wand is controlled by two different speed settings – 5,000 rpm or 6,000 rpm – which can be selected by using the switch on the body of the wand.

Follow the technique

One of the challenges that users of personal massagers face is that the speed and power of the device can be so intense that orgasm is achieved too quickly. It was Betty Dodson – a sex educator working in the United States in the 1960s – that pioneered what became known as the “Betty Dodson Method” of masturbation. Dodson held a series of workshops and seminars that showed women how to use personal massagers as a masturbation aid, placing a towel or cloth over the vibrator to help dull the sensations created by the device and thereby prolong the pleasure that was being delivered. One complicating factor is that devices such as the Hitachi Magic Wand overheat if they are used for extended periods so it has always been recommended that a personal massager be used for no more than twenty five minutes at a time to avoid them overheating and potentially causing personal injury.

Pimp your personal massager

There are a huge range of attachments available to add extra pleasure to your personal massager experience. For example if you are using the Magic Wand, without any attachments its primary use is as a clitoral vibrator. However an attachment that is known as the “Wonder Wand” enables women to feel vibrations from the wand deep within their vagina. The other benefit of using an attachment such as the Wonder Wand is that the attachment is water proof and easily cleaned. There are also attachments that can be added which target a woman’s g-spot, or a man’s prostate. Attachments are also on sale that can be used to mimic the sensation of cunnilingus for women, plus also one that stabilises the device – making it possible to use it hands free. There is so much more to personal massagers than just using them to relieve tension in tired muscles. Grab your device, slip on an attachment, turn up the speed, and settle in for a long night of pleasure.

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