The history and evolution of dongs

The history and evolution of dongs

Adult toy dongs are devices that are explicitly phallic and solid in appearance.  These toys are mainly made for sexually penetrating human genitalia and other activities between partners and or masturbation.

Ride-N-VibeDongs were created centuries ago and the earliest known of these devices date back to the Paleolithic era. They were first created and used by the Greeks and Romans from whom they originated. This was revealed by the presence of sculptures and stone objects that were molded in a shape very similar to men’s genitalia.  Ancient Greek women used dongs made of wood or leather and used olive oil as the lubricating fluid which was available during this era.  In addition to the Romans and the Greeks, dongs were also created and used by ancient Italians for sexual fulfillment and stimulation.

These pleasure toys were created and developed to enhance sexual stimulation, which also assisted with other activities and ceremonies involving couples that had difficulty having children in addition to those who were not very proficient with sexuality.  They proved to be beneficial to these people as they were a clear presentation in the process of learning.  During this time period, dildos were made by shaping different materials such as siltstone or leather.  These pleasure toys were also made of different textured wood, which were shaped and ribbed for additional pleasure.  These are just a few ways in which adult toys were made for use in the early times.  Improvements and uses are greater in the present when comparing the ancient era versus the current era since the creativity and design has completely been revolutionized in order to meet the needs, trends and sexual pleasures of consumers today.

The variation of adult toy dongs available in the world today is vast and come in different models in order to cater to different peoples desires.  This is based on various distinguishing factors that include color, shape, size and material used in the making of dildos.

All American Whopper

Shapes of dongs are usually straight or curved. Most shapes have very good ergonomic curves that are mainly meant to increase the impact of sensations with the user.  For example, the All American Whopper Dong has a real life look and feel, which includes a natural curve for the most realistic sexual playtime experience.

Adult toy dongs also vary according to the size. The size itself also varies, as there is the length of the device and also the diameter of the device.  Choosing the right size is a great determinant of the level of pleasure that one is likely to gain from the use of toy dongs. The toys available are of different sizes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches in length.  For example, the Classic Dong-Flesh is 8 inches long and Crystal Jellies Double Dong is 12 inches.

DongsAdult toy dongs are made of different materials that include glass, rubber, silicone, PVC, steel, cyberskin and other synthetic materials.  The materials vary as each one has its own benefits.  For instance, some people are allergic to rubber.  Some alternative options for this type of person would be to use a dildo made up of glass or steel.  This would allow the same pleasure for someone who would not be able to enjoy this pleasure of rubber.  Cyberskin, which feels more like human skin, is also a great option when one is considering which dildo to purchase.  These materials used to make dildos enhance easy penetration. Those that are not like rubber like are supported with springs inside to help make them very firm.

The benefits of using adult toy dongs are many and apply to both the experienced and inexperienced users.  The main advantages are as follows:
– They increase self-awareness
– They enhance sexual performance in different people
– They help people gain pleasure by inducing quicker and more intense orgasms
– They help in relieving stress and anxiety

The increased open use of adult toy dongs among couples have helped in changing people’s negative perception.  Before, the use of these devices was considered taboo.  This has slowly changed overtime since people have now embraced their sexuality and have become less judgmental.

Blue Glass

The benefits and results are vast and hard to imagine unless you try using one of these sex toys for yourself.  They help in bringing in self-awareness, which is very hard to realize with the dependence on help, and services that come with different people. The uses of dildos are vast and affordable since the price of units like these have come down throughout the years.  So playtime is much more reasonable financially which gives just about anyone the opportunity to own one of these pleasure toys.

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