How Exquisite Kegel Balls can help you get that stronger O.

How Exquisite Kegel Balls can help you get that stronger O.

Women have a unique opportunity to enhance sexual pleasure by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are the foundation that support your pelvic organs, and have direct relation to the intensity of sexual sensation and release.
You’ve probably heard of Kegel exercises and their benefit for supporting your pelvic area and preventing incontinence as you age, or after childbirth. But did you know Kegel’s are also the ticket to stronger, longer and more satisfying orgasms? Not only do these exercises protect the health of your pelvic floor, they strengthen the vaginal area overall, leading to increased pleasure for both you and your partner.

Kegel exercises are simple to do and so discreet that you can perform them anywhere. Like any muscle, the pelvic floor muscles become stronger and develop a better blood supply the more they are exercised. The increased muscles area and blood flow directly relates to the clitoris. Consider these exercises a blessing for building a better orgasm!
You can perform these exercises alone, or in the comfort of your home with special products like the Exquisite Kegel Balls from

. You may be asking how do you perform Kegel exercises? First, learn to target the correct muscles. The next time you use the restroom, try and stop your urine flow mid-stream. The muscles that contract during this process are the ones you want to enhance. Don’t clench the muscles of the abdomen or thighs. Instead, focus on the muscle group in the center of the vagina. Then, while sitting or standing, contract these same muscles and hold for four-to-six seconds. Repeat ten times. As you become comfortable, contract and hold your muscles longer each time.

Exquisite Kegel BallsJust because this is exercise, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! The Exquisite Kegel Balls are a pleasurable way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. A Kegel Ball gives your contracted muscles something to hang onto which increases muscle strength possibly sooner than without. Simply insert theExquisite Kegel Balls into the vagina and clench your muscles around them to hold them inside. The balls stimulate your inner nerves for sexy sensations while you perform repetitions of squeeze-hold-release. At first, you can practice this while lying down. Then, as you increase your strength, try standing upright and contracting your muscles around the balls. Some women find it very pleasurable to walk around with the balls inside. Try simple tasks around the home with the Exquisite Kegel Balls inserted—doing the dishes may never be the same again!
The balls can also be used before sex to stimulate your pleasure centers and heighten anticipation. Often a perfect aid for women who need help working up to intercourse, you may find that simply performing exercises with the balls inserted will put you in the mood for so much more!

Made from comfortable silicone, these battery-free Exquisite Kegel Balls are smooth, connected and easy to insert and remove, and safe to use as often as you’d like. Simply apply a small amount of lubricant, gently insert with the string-side down, and perform your Kegel exercises. Sexual health has never been so good for you—or fun! Have questions about this article or the Exquisite Kegel Balls? Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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