Using a Prostate Massager for the first time

Using a Prostate Massager for the first time

The prostate is often referred to as the “male G-spot,” also called the P-spot. The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland behind the bladder in men, and is responsible for providing the fluid in ejaculate during male orgasm. For some men, massaging or stimulating the prostate creates a powerful orgasm beyond what penile stimulation can produce. Most men find their prostate by gently inserting a lubricated finger about three inches inside the anus. Once inside, slightly curve your finger with the tip pointed toward your abdomen. The prostate often feel soft and a little wrinkled. You may feel an intense sensation when you come into contact with your prostate. Orgasm may be achieved by prostate massage alone, or with a combination of penile stimulation. The fun part is finding what works best for you. Gone is the stigma around anal play! Men of all sexual persuasions find prostate massage to be a highly sensual experience.

Using a prostate massager can help bring out the best from your P-spot. Gentle stimulation is key, so choosing the right massager makes a difference. Because the prostate is small and sensitive, it’s possible to over-due stimulation which can cause discomfort or even pain. A prostate massager like the Optimale P-Massager which is designed specifically for reaching the right spot, offers the correct amount of pressure for comfortable, pleasurable, anal play. The rounded tip of the Optimale places pressure where you need it the most, while a lip rests gently against your perineum for added pleasure. A curved handle keeps the massager in place and makes for easy removal.

Prostate MassagerHow do you use the Optimale for ultimate prostate massage? As with any anal play, proper lubrication is important to prevent friction and discomfort. Use your favorite water-based lube and apply a generous amount to the bulb of the massager. Then, gently insert until the toy is fully seated inside your anus with the curve pointed toward your abdomen. You may then adjust the Optimale P-Massager until it’s pressing against just the right spot! Once the massager is in place, practice a clench-and-release motion with your inner muscles. Doing this causes a pulsing sensation with the toy against the prostate, which produces pleasure and leads to orgasm. You may find that a gentle tapping on the base of the massager helps you achieve the perfect sensations. Or simply having the toy inserted may be just what you need. Experimenting with what works for you, especially if you’re new to prostate massage, can be a fun, ongoing process! Additionally, using a prostate massager may also help tone your inner muscles and provide more control and sensation during orgasm in general.

The Optimale P-Massager prostate massager is made from flexible silicone. It has an ergonomic design specifically for reaching your P-spot, with extra perineum stimulation for added sensation! Easy to clean, simply place the Optimale in the top rack of your dishwasher, or clean with warm, soapy water or toy cleaner. This is the perfect toy for beginning user, for solo play or with a partner!

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